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2 Somerset Rd, London N17 9EJ, UK

Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
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Sunday: Open 24 hours

Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 2 Somerset Rd, London N17 9EJ, UK
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We’ve been around for over 25 years, making sure London is safe and secure. With our wealth of experience, we know you’re in safe hands.

Our services range from the standard locksmith repertoire to electronic access control and intercom work.

Call us now on 020 7608 0809 or press the button below.

Google Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (148 total ratings)

Oscar Urraca
1 Star
I went to their shop to cut a key and clone a fob. They were unable to do any of them. They said that they didn't have the machine to clone that type of fob and that they didn't have the blank key. As it was a kind of an emergency I bought a new security lock which cost £78 and it came with 3 keys, I requested a new key which cost £10.9 + VAT. as I wasn't 100% sure that the lock would fit I didn't request more keys and also because I didn't have the time to wait another 30/60min for it. On the same day and after checking that the lock fitted I phoned them to request 3 extra keys, I explained to them that I was at the shop 2 hours ago and I bought the lock providing them with the key code. The person who picked up the phone started to say that there was a protocol, etc, and that I needed to go there the following day. The following day I went to the shop with the invoice the key code etc and then he said that the extra keys cost £19.99 + VAT which was nearly double the price I paid the day before when I bought the lock. I explained to him that I was there the day before and they charged me £10.90+Vat. He said that that's the price when you buy the lock after that the price is £19.90 +vat I explained to him the situation but he kept saying that the price is £19.90 +vat ( it seems that as soon as you walk out of the shop the price for the keys increase) I decided then to walk away and don't get any extra keys because I felt scammed. I first went to their shop to clone a fob and cut a key, they were not able to do any of those and I ended up buying a new lock ( which wasn't cheap at all) £91 for the lock + 1 extra key, they made me come back the next day to request more extra keys and they wanted to charge me double for the key. I wasted my money and my time. Is not the way to treat customers. You can find websites on the Internet where you can buy much cheaper and probably a much better service.
Friday 17th May 2024
5 Star
brilliant service, professional and gave great advice. I wanted a digital lock, The locksmith came to look at my door and gave sensible suggestions on options, he did not charge me for his time and returned after to fit the lock. He left a bit of a mess, as to be expected, but was fine as he would not have a hoover, and spent so much time on getting the lock to fit well, I was grateful. he had a difficult task taking over 2 hours in the cold. He did not complain and was very polite.
Monday 4th March 2024
4 Star
I bought 3 keys. They unfortunately did not work in the end, but metrolocks were great in their communication and ongoing support. They attempted one more fix, and when it still didn't work, offered a refund. Very good communications to deal with problems, top customer service. Big thank you to Omari and Denis for handling this well.
Tuesday 16th January 2024
Michele Albenga
1 Star
Importing from them was a nigthmare. - They sent shipments through custom office with proforma invoices instead of commercial invoices. - Commercial invoices, when issued, haded the following issues: o did not have a unique invoice number. o did not match with our payments done nor with goods shipped. o did have VAT despite they were export invoices. It was impossible to get the required alignment between what was ordered, paid, invoiced, sent through custom offices.
Wednesday 20th March 2024
Liam Arnold
5 Star
First Class Service. Would rate very highly. My landlord tried multiple places to get my fob copied, I also went to over 20 places in Belfast to try get it copied to no avail. While in london on a break. I had my keys with me so I chanced a google search, 1st Metropolitan came up so went to see them. Literally in and out the door in under 5min, sorted. Cannot rate them highly enough. Nice people and excellent service.
Tuesday 16th January 2024